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Great reporting can only be driven by a powerful engine. All activity on Assess is automatically recorded and you can use this data to build reports. This record-keeping system allows you to easily evidence all training and competency activities undertaken across the business.

flexible yoga

Flexible reporting

Whether you want to build your own report or use our pre-built reports Assess offers you all the choices you need. You can easily view reports on test scores, pass or fail status, and activities that are yet to be completed.



Dashboards are great at bringing data to life and are really useful for highlighting challenges or threats. Our dashboard gives you a simple view of activity completions and scores across teams and departments. One click automatically switches you over to a data report to show you more detail.

robo reporting

Robo reporting

Imagine a world where you never have to ask for a report, it just arrives at the time and date you specifically requested. Assess allows you to set up automatic delivery of reports whether it’s daily weekly or monthly. These can be set to arrive in anyone’s inbox – even the Boss!

cpd reports

CPD Reports

Each individual can run reports on their own CPD activity or you can monitor this on behalf of the company to make sure everyone is meeting their regulatory requirements. Individuals can even add offline CPD events like face to face training to give a complete picture of all activities.

manager view

The Managers view

Assess allows managers to extract reports on their team’s training activity. It's easy to set up the system so that managers can see data on everyone within their direct reporting line. This means that the manager always has the most up to date information on the people they manage and can chase them up if required!

boss view

The Boss's view

The Boss can see everything! At the click of a button the Boss can see an overview of the whole company dashboard. This means they can easily identify potential training risks to the company. If the Boss doesn’t have time to do this, Assess can be automated to do this for them.