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Diagnostics and Testing

Diagnostics, gap analysis, assessments and recruitment tests - over 5,000 questions to meet all your insurance and compliance requirements.

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Gap Analysis

Assess’ amazing diagnostic tool allows you to measure staff knowledge against their required competencies. The system will deliver a bespoke training programme automatically to each individual based on the outcome of the test. This enables you to manage knowledge across a wide area and support your staff with the learning they actually need.

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Managing Risk

Do you know what your staff don’t know? Can you demonstrate to the regulators that your staff are competent to carry out their duties? Assess’ unrivalled insurance question bank underpins the automated system that allows you to take a real time picture of knowledge within your business on an ongoing basis using our diagnostic dashboards.


Micro Assessments

Minimum effort maximum output! We appreciate that there isn’t always enough time to put your staff through all the regulatory and technical learning you would like to in a year. The diagnostic functionality within Assess supports micro assessments enabling you to explore a large number of competency areas in one sitting.


Standard Assessments

The old standard still exists! Just choose the course, the number of questions, the pass mark, press the button and the assessment is randomly created from the relevant question bank. All our courses have at least 10 questions, with most having 20 or more.


Recruitment Tests

Take an objective approach to recruitment by testing candidates on the knowledge required for a specific role. Broking tests for brokers, underwriter tests for underwriters and claims tests for claims specialists. Because our courses cover a huge number of product areas, you can be assured that your tests will be meaningful.